We plan on using this page to notify members of coming events Winter Gashuku 2004 Saturday 27th November 11:30am – 2:30pm Venue:  Ardler Complex, Games Hall, Turnberry Avenue, Dundee. Please arrive early for a prompt start.  Please bring your Licence Book.  (No book= NO EXAM!)  Only fully affiliated members can take an exam grading.  Please bring hand & shin pads.  Please pay your Gashuku fee in advance to your Club Instructor. To download a copy of the Gashuku form in Microsoft Word format click here Summer Gashuku 2004 Below are pictures taken at the Summer Gashuku in the Ardler Dojo. Summer Camp 2004 For a close up shot, click on the picture Latest from South Africa Kon Training at Shihan Hans Haupt's house In an email to Shihandai Jim Barlow, Shihan writes: We are now doing Stick Fighting. Its very enjoyable and interesting. Lots to learn. Will come back to teach you guys the Stick Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK / Home Page Find Us